Thee Buckeye Classic Senior Softball Tournament


Barberton, Ohio  SPORTS COMPLEX

841 WOOSTER ROAD WEST 44203-7136


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Half Court Standings 2/13/2020                 

                                                                Win               Loss           

  1. Kristan Scalise                                    4                    1
  2. Bil Jac Foods                                       2                    3             
  3. The Lee Kallas Originals                     2                    3
  4. Edward Jones Investments                2                    3 

Most Points

Tom Kelly                      29

High Score

Richard Kaisk               26

Ted Walter                    23

Joe Gordon                    20

Most 3's 

Richard Kaisk               5


Full Court Standings 2/11/2020                                             

                                                              Win        Loss               

1. Lewis Landscaping                             5              1

2. Elite Sports                                         4              2

3. Peoli Paradise Farms                         4              2                                

4. Freight First                                        3              3                           

5. Ron Morton                                         1              5                                 

6. Tallmadge Vision Clinic                      1              5


Most Points                                                                

Todd Williams                33                      

High Scores

Ray Cole                         27

Marshall Cannon            25

Neil Harding                   20                     

Most 3's

Marshall Cannon           5

Ray Cole                        5

Congratulations Elite Sports. First Half Champions.

The first half champion will be determined by the winner between Elite Sports and Peoli Paradise Farms the first time they play in the second half. The game to take place on Tuesday Feb. 6 at 7PM.



      2019-2020 Akron Silver League Basketball Application                         Name (last)_________________________(first)________________Age as of 4/1/20

 Address____________________________ City____________________ Zip code__________-

 Phone (home)____________________ Business________________ Cell__________________

E-mail __________________________________________

  Please check attendance expectations ___100% ___90%___80%___70%___60%___ 50% or less.

            I _____________________________, as a member of Akron Silver Basketball, so hereby agree to all of its rules and regulations. I am active in the basketball program and fully understand that my participation will make me total part of the game and I agree; to follow the instructions given by the league coordinator, coaches, managers and officials designated to control the activities and will follow all rules and regulations of the site and the rules and regulations of the City of Akron Recreation Department.

            I indicate by my signature that I have had a recent physical exam or deem myself physically able to participate in any activity of the Akron Silver League Basketball. I further agree to assume all liability for my  actions.  


Date fee paid_______________Check#____________Cash________Amount_____________________

In case of emergency call _____________________________ Phone # __________________________

My physician’s name_________________________________ Phone # __________________________

Any physical limitations ________________________________________________________________ 

Shirt size (circle one)         S          M          L          XL          XXL      XXXL

Gray shorts are required. 

First time players please rank yourself.

Above average,_______ average, ________ below average, ______________. (Check one) 

Please check your preference of play. Openings will be filled on a first come basis.

Half Court __________ $80 application _______________________________

Full Court  __________ $100 application _______________________________ 

I will agree to coach a team. (Check one) yes______________ no _______________.

Check made out and mail application to:

Glen Bole

1427 Greensburg Rd.                                        Phone 330-899-9983 or 330-328-2450

Uniontown, Ohio 44685

Due by October 31, 2019